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Power BI Server and REST API calls

Hi everyone,

I installed an instance of Power BI Server with some reports on a computer and I can view the reports in embed version inside a web-app by adding the parameter "?rs:Embed=true" to the report URL. I have also implemented the security integration with an ASP.NET web page that allow me to bypass the Power BI login and it uses customized credentials.

Now, can I also use REST API to get reports or dashboard from my Power BI Server? Note that my reports are on my Server and not on


Can you helps me?



Best regard.



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Hello Sato89,


I'm also working on the authentication side for my project. Would like to know how you managed to bypass the login. Could you please help, really aprecciated it.

Helper I
Helper I

Can anyone help me abut this request? 😉

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Let me know if you still have the issue open. If yes, I can help you go past where you are stuck.


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Hi sato,


Have you managed to solved the problem?


Many thanks


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Hello @sato89


You said that you implemented the securitiy integration to allow bypass the login and I´m trying to find a solution like that. Could you help me?


In my envirorment I have intalled the Power BI Report Server and I'm trying to embed the application in sharepoint and share it with external user authentication. Do you know if it´s possible to do it with the securitity integration that you mentioned


Did your configuration works?


Hi. Yes, my solution works very fine and I think that is good and works fine also for sharepoint reports encapsulation. You can try it! Did you have any problems?

Hi Sato89


I also face the same problem with the authentication, can you please share some info on this with me, really appreciated it




Here's a list of supported REST Api for PBIRS:


Hope that helps!

Thank you shiboli for the answer.

For example I try to send this request:

<PBIWebServiceAddress>/api/v2.0/Session with appropriate headers and body.

I received 401 Unauthorized using Postman, but I have set the correct credentials according to the service account configured in the Report Server Configuration Manager.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you in advance!

Hil, I have the same problem.


I am using Insomnia for test, but the result is 401 Unauthorized

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