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Power BI Report Server with sharepoint Online data source - schedule refresh fails

The power BI desktop works fine when connected to sharepoint online using organizational account  which is a microsft account. But during.  The  report gets refreshed successfully in  PBI desktop. But when the report is published to the PowerBI report server it fails to schedule refresh. The report is  using an Organisational Account , but the authentication type options in the report server are 'anonymous' or 'windows'. and it is not working.

The data source connection itself fails. error - The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid.


The microsft site says - supported data source for scheduled refresh for PBIRS - sharepoint online list  is not supoorted. Is this still valid?


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Hi Everyone,


We have the same problem, was there a solution on how this can be done. We are not able to make connection to our SharePoint On-premise for web Datasource using Basic or evern Windows Account. 
the account used has the sufficient privileges assigned and when open on the server browser we can access the SharePoint on premise location, but only unable to make test connection and setup the data source.


is this a bug?

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These two products are both Microsoft. Especially considering that SharePoint is the backbone of Office365. They should talk to eachoter no? It would be a better solution than using Excel files to feed small tables, as they can be deleted, changed, renamed etc. 


Is there really no roadmap for this? 


Correct, it's not supported. You can use a report with cached data (e.g. refresh inside PBI desktop). However, the server cannot authenticate with online as it only support windows/NTLM based connections. 


Document notes: (cached, refresh, dq)

SharePoint Online ListYesNo



Hi, Is this going to change? we have to refresh mannually in my organization as we cannot use the microsoft account credentials to schedule a refresh to the online PBI

Hi Juanrdteleko - it's not currently planned to support refreshing of online data soruces in PowerBI report server. If you are looking to access online sources, you should consider direct use of 

Note there are 3rd party tools such as Power Update which can automate the refresh process for you with the on prem report server. 

are there any future plans to get this implemented in PBIRS? 

If not what other alternatives are there to do automatic refresh through PBIRS for the sharepoint online list data sources?



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