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twalsh0625 Regular Visitor
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Power BI Report Server migration from PBIX file

My company is testing Power BI at the moment. Our model is currently to connect multiple sources (SQL DBs, on prem) to a Power BI Desktop file, where we build relationships, and transform data as well as develop measures etc.
We use that PBIX file as the dataset in the BI Service website and refresh daily.
My question is how easily will this translate to Power BI report server so that we can scale beyond our current dozen or so report consumers. This deployement would likely require a PBIX for each business unit in our company (as many as 50)
Any help is appreciated!

Jon-Heide Established Member
Established Member

Re: Power BI Report Server migration from PBIX file

Hi - with the June release of PowerBI Report Server, PBIX reports running against Live AS models is only supported. You could move the model and connections defined in your "main" PBIX report to a model in Analysis Services. Then build any number of PBIX reports hosted on the report server against it. If you want to run multiple reports per deparment/customer you could use Row Level Security on Analysis services, or build mutliple reports. Note that support for embedded data models in reports is coming later this year to PBI-RS.