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Power BI Report Server January 2023 has been Released!

We are pleased to announce the January 2023 update for Power BI Report Server.

The release can be found on the Microsoft Download Center


The changelog has been updated with the following information:


  • Power BI Report Server

    • Version: 1.16.8420.13742 (build 15.0.1111.115), Released: January 25, 2023
      • Features
        • Using of single quote in item names is enabled
        • Added ability to speed up History Snapshots loading by disabling its size calculation
        • Accessibility improvements
        • New Teal style theme introduced
      • Bug fixes
        • Fixed issue with datetime type conversion in PBIX reports using MySQL
        • Fixed disabling tooltips in PBIX reports
        • Fixed input of date in date slicer in PBIX reports


As always if you encounter an issue please contact support and/or create a new thread with as much detail as possible and tag @Petebro or @v-alipat. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.


- Alexandra 

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am experiencing challenges installing on Macbook

Frequent Visitor

Hi @v-alipat ,
it looks like there is an aissue with the date slicer when SSAS Multidimensional with live connection is used and a default value to the field over SSAS ( e.g. with head operation) is set. Then the calender is grayed out and nothing can be selected


Any ideas or workarounds ? 
On the June/Jan 2022 - Versions is working without any issues



Hi Bobi, How do you set the default value for the date slicer when SSAS Multidimensional with live connection is used? How do you fulfill a date visual like below when SSAS Multidimensional used?



Best regards,



Frequent Visitor

Hi @RayLei,
 I do set the standard value under Role-->Dimension-->Attribut with the following value:

BR Bobi

Hi Bobi,

Kindly thank you for your prompt reply. If set the default value through role permission, user could not choose other date any more, right?


I fullfill dynamic default date throught concept of DateID, 0 always represents today, -1 represents yesterday, 1 represents tomorrow, 2 represents the day after tomorrow, and so forth. In dimension design, using DateID as value column, and use actual date (yyyy-MM-dd) as name column.


Power BI uses dimension value as internal value, thus the defualt date could automatically changes when actual date changing.


Just for your reference.


BR Ray

Frequent Visitor

Hi @RayLei ,

on the January 2022 version is possible to select another date over the date slicer i.e. the default value filters the data initally once the report is opened and loads it for the current date ( today) and then the user can select another period. Here is a screenshot from my report:


I'm pretty sure it was possible on the june 2022 version, too. I cannot verify it right now. Definately it is not working on January 2023 version, since the dates are greyed out

BR Bobi

Hi Bobi, 


Thank you for reporting the issue, I'll forward it to the appropriate team and let you know when we find out the reason or any workaround. 




Advocate II
Advocate II

How to access? Please provide download link 

Hi @Garcia16 , you can download the new build from the Microsoft Download Center.

Advocate II
Advocate II


Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi, I downloaded the right version on Jan 27th.

Advocate I
Advocate I



Hi @qwe , 


The link is correct, probably it took a bit longer to get updated in your region? Could you please try again, or refresh the page. January 2022 used to be on that page before, but now it is January 2023 release there 🙂 



Alexandra Ipatova 


Hi @qwe , I'm positive that the build by this link is correct and published: 

Let's try to find out why you don't see it.


Do you still see January 2022 version?  Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? 

What is your region? 


Dear, it's still  january 2022  version with this link, would  you please check? thanks!


Advocate I
Advocate I

Export data from Matrix table with current layout is still not work,  could it be fixed in this release?

I truly feel they won't let us have this feature, even if it helps reducing the consumption of resources between server and user. 

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