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CezarSteinz Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Power BI Real-Time Report with Dynamics 365

Currently I have a Power BI Pro account and a dev Dynamics 365, where I need create a real-time Report showing a table with all emails created in last hour and a dashboard showing the amount of emails per minute.

I've read many posts / websites talking about API / PubNub, already created some examples using Stream API and mapped the column which I need to create my table (createdon, subject) but it doesn't work. After that I build another API and put a Microsoft Flow to be triggered when a new email appear on Dynamics 365 email table, send this item to Power BI dataset, it works but not as I wish (I need to refresh my report to show the new data). I have many questions about real-time integration (I'm a newbie in real-time reports yet):


- Is it possible to have a real-time Report with table, matrix and everything? (I'm saying report, not a dashboard with tile...)

- If yes, how could I create a real-time Report? (Based on what I said, API / PubNub doesn't work for my report)

- And, in addition, there is some way to transform real-time data that comes from API? or create measures? (Because for dashboard example, i have only createdon and subject, so I need a "count" measure to build a dashboard)

- If no, there is some way to create something similar on Power BI?


Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advanced.

Cezar Steinz