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Power BI Dashboard shows 'Load Data' message twice every time I click on the report link

I have a power Bi dashboard (deployed to a report server) where I have imported the data (query folding is in place), but every time that I click on the report link it shows a message of 'Load data' 2 times before it displays the report.

To allow me to test this on a simpler dashboard, I created a power Bi dashboard where I have imported 1 view with only 3 columns and I have deployed to the server, but I still get the 'Load data message twice every time I click on the report link.

Why is Power BI showing this message twice and is there a way to disable it as this is causing delays when loading other reports.

Is it because of one of the following?

  1. Data eviction

  2. Is it due to how Import uses the VertiPaq engine to store data in memory?

  3. Power BI wants to know the schema of the table before the query actually runs, so it asks Power Query to return the top 0 rows. Unfortunately, in this case query folding can’t take place and the top 0 filter can’t be pushed back to the database, so the entire query gets run once to get the schema and once to get the data.

Or is there another reason for this and is it possible to disable this?





Super User
Super User

This is not the normal or expected behaviour. I would suggest you open a support ticket with Microsoft so that you can engage with a support engineer to get to the bottom of why this is happening in your environment.

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