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PBIRS error updating/overwriting a PBI report file when "local" characters in folder name

PBIRS (march 2018) is having trouble handling certain (all?) non-standard ASCII-characters in folder names. When a folder contains non-standard ASCII a new report gets the name converted to all lower case. If the name of the report is corrected then the report cannot be updated/overwritten from PBI Desktop RS without getting the error "Sorry, you don't have the permission to save in this folder". 


How to replicate:

  1. Create a folder with a non-standard ASCII like a umlaut 'ä'. For example the name 'Blä'
  2. Create a new report with the name "Abc" in Power BI Desktop RS and save it in that folder. There is no error message, but the name of the report is converted to lower case (abc). This is not the case if the folder's name would have been 'Bla'
  3. Now choose Manage for the report and change the name to Abc
  4. If now try to overwrite the report from PBI Desktop RS, or update it using "Edit in Power BI Desktop" from within the PBIRS-page and then choose "File->Save" i PBI Desktop RS, you will get the error "Sorry, you don't have the permission to save in this folder"
  5. If you at this point change the folder name to 'Bla' then you can overwrite/update the report without error.

You will also run into the similar problems if the report's name contins these characters. 


This makes it quite annoying to update reports that are saved in PBIRS. The workaround is to

  1. Choose "Edit in Power BI Desktop"
  2. Make the changes
  3. Delete the report from PBIRS
  4. Save the report as a new report
  5. Change the name to the correct upper and lower case name
  6. Update the report's description since it is lost

The collation of the report database (PBIReportServer) is Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_KS_WS


Hope this can be fixed!




Advocate I
Advocate I

The problem still exists in January 2019 release - I opened an "idea" for bugfixing it:

Advocate I
Advocate I

This error still exists in Release August 2018.

I actually found a bit easier workaround that doesn't include delting the report from PBIRS. Instead, choose Manage report and change the name to be only lower case letters (I'm not sure this goes for all the folders as well). After this the report can be saved and after that the report name can be changed back to whatever the name should be. This way the report is not deleted and keeps the same reportid which is useful when collecting usage statistics.

We have the same problem. Is there a fix for this issue in the next version?

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