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AdminDev New Member
New Member

PBIRS API call is slow on Server


Browser: IE 11

Query: http://<server>/api/2.0/catalogitems

Number of catalog items is around 200.

When I run this query in browser on my workstation, results come instanteniously.

When I run this query in browser on server, it takes about 5 minutes to receive results.

When the query is exexuted within SSIS C# script task, it also takes about 5 minutes for the query to execute.

PBIRS is installed on the same box with SSIS.

PBIRS version 1.3.6801.38816 (August 2018)

No IIS installed on the server.


Why does this 5 minute delay happen?

How can it be eliminated?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Jon-Heide Established Member
Established Member

Re: PBIRS API call is slow on Server

Not sure about a 5 minute delay, but a few things to check:


1. Is the server in a cold state? Sometimes the first call takes time to load everything into memory. 

2. When you view this in the web portal, is does not pull all items at one time, it filters the list to the just that folder/root being viewed. Hence consider if you re rest call shoud have some filter condition. 

3. Do you have large files? Double check the REST api repsonse if that includes the content payloads. The portal pulls only metadata and not the content. 

4. Look at the server log files, that may give you some indication of where time is spent, or if there is a timeout/error of some sort.