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PBI Report Server without BPI Premium licensing requirements

Assuming I want to work towards the "small" variant of the proposed "best practice" four-server topology of Power BI Report Server.

1 Enterprise Edition SQL + SA requirement: which virtual machines would require a SQL EE + SA ? Or none at all in case a SQL EE+ SA with 8 cores and 32GB already exists somewhere else in my organisation? Would SQL Standard in terms of functionality be sufficient for the rest of the virtual machines? 

2 PowerBI Pro license requirement: the EULA mentions "A Power BI Pro User SL is required to publish shared Power BI reports using the Power BI Report Server". What triggers me is the "shared" part. Would this mean that users that don't share published reports (e.g. by using the "My Folder") are in line with the EULA as well? I assume admins can still see these reports so in that sense they would still be "shared" in a way....


Thx for helping me out.