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PBI RS Evolution versus



i would like to know, as my client doesn't like to much the idea to go to the cloud, how has been the evolution of PBI Report Services, in comparison with the cloud version (, and namely, if will it ever be "paired" with the cloud version, ie, updates/corrections/funcionalities at the same time.


For example, paginated RS reports are coming to service in October 2018, when are they coming to PBI RS?


Related to that, i would also like to know:

- if the PowerBI Desktop software will ever be unified with the PowerBI Desktop RS, and their reports compatible - creating in this way a truly hibrid experience.


- if PBI RS also needs a gateway to connect to SSAS Tabular Server on prem.



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Re: PBI RS Evolution versus

In my opinion, PBI RS is always going to lag the cloud. Power BI is a cloud first, mobile first sort of product. Frankly, I don't think that there would be no PBI RS if there just weren't people that refused to go to the cloud. That being said, I look at PBI RS as a stop-gap measure only until the laggards get to the cloud.


As for a couple of your questions, paginated RDS reports coming to the Power BI Service, you can already do any RDS report you want in on-premises SSRS.


Last I checked, there were issues connecting to SSAS on-premises as I recall.

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