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Organizational account credentials from Power BI Server?



I've created a report with a Sharepoint Folder data source (specificaly, an excel xlsx file in a folder of my Sharepoint site). My Sharepoint is hosted on Sharepint Online and I access it via Organizational Credentials. I've been able to do it in Power BI Desktop for Report Server (October 2017).


Once I publish my report to POwer BI Server, I go to "Manage > Data Source" , there in Credentials I can only choose Anoymous or WIndows Authentication.


Is there a way to have a report pulling data from Sharepoint Online from Power BI Server as of now? (and have it refresh on a scheduled basis).


THe idea is to have some select users edit data in the EXcel file, and management can open the report done in POwerBI. (I'd like to avoid having to open the report in PowerBI Desktop and republish it everytime there is a change in the data source, which is what I am doing for now.)


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Encontré la solución! En opción> security >habilitar default web browser, colocas las credenciales de la organización y listo!!

Where is this setting? Are you talking about client or server? Also does this mean we need to create a single user to do this connection?

He may have misunderstood the question. under the credentials section of the data sources I cannot set the ones for the Odata driver. This happens for both sharepoint and CRM settings 

screenshots of this? 

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I had the same issue.  Turns out when I data sourced in PowerBi desktop, it saved it as http://.  So, when I tried to edit the credentials online so I could schedule a refresh, it would only give me the anonymous option.  I had to go back to PowerBi Desktop,  Select File, Data source Settings, and change the source to add https://.  I republished and was then able to edit the credentials using OAUTH.

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Hi, jupmping in, is this issue resolved? I'm also facing similar issue, I can't connect to the SharePoint data source with my Microsoft account credentiols, any idea?



Resolver II
Resolver II

I'm not sure if this is the exact same issue but I had a Power BI desktop file connecting to an excel file in Sharepoint and it was working fine in Desktop but when I published online I had the same issue with credentials and OAuth2 missing. I realised I had "/:x:/r/" in the data source connection, once I removed this and updated the data source it worked perfectly.


Spent a few days searching for the solution, and the last post was a revelation - I used to copy link to an excel file from the web browser, deleted the part after ? till the end:



Now I see when I remove /:x/r/ or copy the path by opening the workbook in Excel solves the issue and I add credentials 



Here it is:



Suggest to mark the above suggestion as a Solution.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Is there any workaround or solution for this issue yet. I am also facing the same issue with Power bi report server March 2020 release too. 



not that I'm aware of. My (to be tested) workaround would be creating a ssis package, load data in on prem sql db or csv. not very efficient.



This is crazy. Why bother putting the Auth model in the client if it's not available in the server!?


Replying only to get updates.

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Happy New Year everyone!  Is there an update to this problem?  Still can't connect to an Organizational Account


2/12/2020 on PBIRS 9/2019

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Same here... that's crazy.


When will this be available ?!

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Forgot to precise we are using PBIRS Jan-2020 update.

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Also having this problem. Latest PBIRS (09/2019)

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This problem has been solved by Power Bi Team.


Edit credentials ---> choose "OAuth2" in Authentication method ---> sign in 


Then it will link you to the organizational account sign in page.



thanks for the update, would this also apply to CRM 365 accounts? 


Also, where can I find the release notes regarding this update? does this update come with the May version of the report Server?

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I cannot see this feature in May 2019 Report Server at all, release is from 20th May and no newer file is available for download. I wish they would be more clear on when we can actually expect this fix, not when the Power BI team have fixed it in some un-released version.

You are right, nothing seems to have changed.




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I'm also needing this functionality.  Everything works well on Power BI Server, but on both Report Server and in my Data Gateway I don't have an option to use an organizational account.  All of our data is on SharePoint and is locked up. 

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