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scha80 New Member
New Member

On-premises PowerBI Report Serer deployment error



We installed PowerBI Report Server and configured with service account.


The Service account has db_owner in ReportServer Dtabases on SQL Server 2016 and the account added to the RSExecRole.


When we are trying to save the report into report URL, we are getting below error.

An error occurred while attempting to save the report to Power Bi report Server


We found below error in log file.


2018-11-20 15:08:00.1661|INFO|54|Received request GET /api/v2.0/System/Properties| RequestID = s_e4d8269d-9461-42fc-911a-9054ee5febb1 
2018-11-20 15:08:00.1661|INFO|54|Sending response. Response code 200, Elapsed time 0:00:00.0038215| RequestID = s_e4d8269d-9461-42fc-911a-9054ee5febb1 
2018-11-20 15:08:00.7286|INFO|54|Received request GET /api/v2.0/me| RequestID = s_1a051e55-acba-497f-bda6-c997b73c526e 
2018-11-20 15:08:00.9004|INFO|54|Sending response. Response code 200, Elapsed time 0:00:00.1697094| RequestID = s_1a051e55-acba-497f-bda6-c997b73c526e 
2018-11-20 15:08:00.9942|INFO|54|Received request POST /api/v2.0/powerbireports%28Path%3D%27/pbx%27%29/Model.Upload| RequestID = s_dde28596-aea1-49f3-a1c6-bd9ac2507fbc 
2018-11-20 15:08:01.0254|INFO|41|CONFIG : InterProcessTimeoutMinutes = [30] (env)
2018-11-20 15:08:02.0411|ERROR|41|Unable to connect to the remote server| RequestID = s_dde28596-aea1-49f3-a1c6-bd9ac2507fbc 
2018-11-20 15:08:02.0411|INFO|50|Sending response


Can anyone please help on this...


Many Thanks.

arva01 New Member
New Member

Re: On-premises PowerBI Report Serer deployment error

I have the same Issue,

tried several Versions of Power BI Desktop, got the latest Version of the Report Server.

I can upload Excel.xlsx files to The Report Server, but no pbix files...

Please help.