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Hi guys,

we are using on-premise PBIRS. We installed ORALCE drivers on the server as described in this documentation:

We used 18.3 version of the driver, because it is what the documentation suggests. All works like charm.


Our problem is, we need to use the latest version of the driver, 19.3.1, because that's what we use everywhere else. I tried the above instruction with this version, but the connections to ORACLE end with "connection lost" error.


My questions are:

  • Is 19.x version of the drivers supported by Microsoft?
  • If not, when will be the support added?
  • Did anybody of you persuade PBIRS to work with ORACLE 19.x drivers?

So far we use paginated reports only, so crucial is to have functional rendering of RDL reports with the latest driver. We do not use OLEDB/ODBC because of various problems - we need ODAC.


Thank you,


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