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danielfgodoi New Member
New Member

OData authentication to Power BI Report Server shared dataset

Hello everyone,

We're trying to create reports using the same dataset so we can reuse them e don't use a lot o space replicating Power BI Reports.
So, we create a datasource and a dataset using Report Builder. So far we have been able to make everything work.
The only way that we could find to create Power BI Reports using this dataset, is using OData Feed (according to PBI doc and some posts in this community).

So, I created the report using the URL http://powerbi/reports/api/v2.0/DataSets(dataset-id)/data and could get the data successfully. After I published the report to the Report Server, I could open and view the visualizations. But when I try to update the data (through update button or schedule refresh) it won't work. When I go to credentials and try to connect using the same credentials used in Power BI Desktop (while creating the report) it won't connect and give the message "Log on failed. Ensure the user name and password are correct."

Can you anyone help me understanding what am I missing? Thank you in advance!

pbx Member

Re: OData authentication to Power BI Report Server shared dataset

I have found OData Connection Testing and Scheduled Refresh to be a bit buggy. While not sure exactly where the problem is, I have high suspiction that it does not like to send credentials over HTTP. You could try with HTTPS to see if your problem goes away.