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hokiefan1113 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Multiple Issues with Refresh

I'm experiecing a few issues with Report Server's refresh feature...


1. What does that 'Refresh' button on the top bar actually do? It's certainly not refreshing the report when I click it. (circled in red)


2. The only thing that DOES refresh the report is the Scheduled Refresh option. I've set it to refresh every 5 minutes, but it isn't doing every 5 minutes. The last run was at 2:00 because I clicked the Refresh Now option. It's now 2:08 and the last run was still at 2:00. So it seems to only refresh the report when I click on Refresh Now?


UPDATE: I've changed it to schedule a refresh every 30 minutes, which it does in the Scheduled refresh last run page, but that is NOT reflecting on the report itself. (ex. the mos recent run was at 4:30PM, but there's still data on my report from the 4:00PM scheduled refresh).


3. When the report actually does refresh when I manually do it in Scheduled Refresh, the Last Updated Time in my report is an hour behind...should be 2:00PM, not 1:00PM. This doesn't happen in desktop version.




kieranW Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Multiple Issues with Refresh

I too would love to know what the Refresh button is actually supposed to do. It doesn't appear to do anything. One of the most frequent questions I get from our business users is "why isn't the data refreshing when I hit refresh".