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stpnet Established Member
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Monitoring and reporting on usage



Old SSRS used to expose some useful perfmon metrics you could monitor. It also had its executionCatalog which would tell you who was accessing what reports and approximately how badly these were performing as you got TimeDataRetrieval, TimeProcessing, TimeRendering values. You also got a pile of additional data related to the datasets and performance in an XML field. So you could see which reports were slow and which bits of which reports were slow.


With PBI-SSRS we seem to have none of this. No perfmon metrics at all! Some new ItemAction types (can anyone point me at any documentation that explain what these are) but TimedataRetrieval, TimeProcessing, TimeRendering are all 0 all the time. There is never any further data.


There's a lot of logging taking place in the installation directory whihc I don't seem to be able to direct somewher elese as per this thread


Tracking failed scheduled data refreshes in PBI reports doesn't seem to be somehting you can monitor in an immediately obvious manner.



Theres a separate request for some info about what's in the log files that are produced here


So right now, for production environments you basically have to cross your fingers and over provision. You can't really get a detailed understanidng of whats going on. I'm assuming this must be on the backlog somewhere but it really does need to be addressed so that enterprise adoption of this can be undertaken.


many thanks



mjuelg Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Monitoring and reporting on usage

Unfortunately, I too don't have a solution to this.  Does anyone have any idea of what is going on here?  I see the same issues with my execution log files and cannot see anything of real value.

duelr Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Monitoring and reporting on usage

Necro bump! How do we get the perfmon data back??? We were using it to collect SSRS data via DataDog's WMI check, now we can't do that at all!


Way to take a step backwards MSFT!

rmann Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Monitoring and reporting on usage


We use this too in SSRS and not having it in PBIRS is a nightmare.

vickyd Member

Re: Monitoring and reporting on usage

Agree. Really need this! Was so useful with SSRS reports as we knew exactly who is doing what and how long reports are taking to execute etc. 


I suppose we may need to put it out as and "idea"and hope it gets voted enough for Microsoft to consider it. 

dianaschnuth Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Monitoring and reporting on usage



Wondering if this has gotten any traction? I only found a couple of related ideas to upvote on the Power BI Idea site, and they weren't particularly popular (yet).