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March 2018 Release

Firstly thank you @mgmeyer for releasing an update. It has some great features in it. Bookmarking, massive slicers update, tables and matrixs. Will be looking at all of these shortly. The ability to hide tabs for me is a big plus and quick win. The product is a market leader for a reason, it works and has a great set of features.


However, what do we have to do to get the top items on our ideas boards moving forward? If they are difficult and time consuming then please communicate this to us. A lack of updates just adds to the frustrations for me and many other on here it seems by the kudos and responses. The basic idea of exporting a report or e-mail it still is not possible. Is there a reason why for this?


I have listened to BIFOCAL with Riccardo Muti @riccardomuti on it. It was very interesting and informative as always. Riccardo does say however he reads the ideas board nearly everyday. Can he please get regular updates released on there as we leave questions and lots of comments. The top item currently (Exporting a report) is not even Under Review. Maybe you are not working on it, but could it then be put on a backlog. Then atleast we know its position. The community have voted madly on the top two recently hoping to get them moved forward.


I really appreciate all the work done on the product and your assistance, but an ideas board that is just one way and us asking for things we are unsure if we are ever going to get is not really a postive customer experience for me. Can you help us out please?

Power BI Team riccardomuti
Power BI Team

Re: March 2018 Release

Thanks for your feedback! We're glad to see the excitement about the March 2018 release and, indeed, a great set of features we've developed recently. As for the Ideas forum, yes, your ideas, votes, and comments are really valuable data for us that we do use to inform and validate our plans. We strive to provide updates on ideas when we have them, but often, we don't have much more of a status or update than "Under Review;" the idea isn't in our current/near-term plan, but we'll continue to monitor the feedback and consider it in future. That said, coming out of a planning cycle, we do now have updates on a couple ideas, which I'll post to the Ideas forum. And I'll double-check whether there are any additional updates I can provide on any of the top ideas.