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June 2018 Release of Power BI Report Server?

Our team's migration project to PBIRS has been delayed a few months, but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be able to move forward in June. Now that we're closing in on June, and I believe the original idea was quarterly releases for Report Server...does anyone know if we can plan on seeing a new release in the next few weeks? Thanks!


The plan is to do three releases a year, and we're shooting to keep that consistent, so we're expecting to see the next release of the server come in July as mentioned, though it might slip into early August because of the all the work we're doing to land the initial preview of RDL reports in Power BI Premium (as was pointed out on Twitter today by some eagle-eyed users viewing the Dynamics 365 release docs).

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Hey, just wondering how we get the function option of hiding the filters from published PBIRS reports.

Having the option to remove the filters from published reports would help in reducing the access to the complete dataset by users. The work around is tailoring tables for each report which is time consuming.  RLS would be another neat function here:)

How do we get this through for the next PBIRS release coming soon...

We have both of these items on our backlog, but it's unlikely these will show up in the next release of PBIRS.

But still waiting for the answer, when we can expect the release of next power bi server.

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Chris has answered this as early August. So I would say expect around the 7th or 8th August as they normally like a midweek release.


We have tried numerous times to get roadmaps etc but with no luck. Ultimately the release will contain imporvements from the cloud server version. On-Premise is really now Power Bi Lite. A version that contains anything easy to implement from the cloud version.

Thanks Chris,  its really important that this one gets up as it is really vital for world peace and harmony...

My bugbear with the backlog is that seeds can be planted there and time can elapse like your children growing up so quickly infront of your eyes; but the seeds don't get watered or given any daylight and hence don't grow into the mature plants that give enjoyment to others.

Please don't let the seeds wither and I beg you to contribute to the enhanced enjoyment in the world.

thanks, Dave

P.S. I used several metaphors, probably more than the prescribed allowance but please feel my pain.  Please fix the backlog-under_review-planned-started mayhem that is stifling effective timely improvements in your lovely product.

Once again MS is showing signs of ADHD, and focusing all of its energy in this department on bringing paginated reports to the cloud, while competitors are adding more and more features to the on-premise offerings and don't really have this split personality of cloud first, maybe-if-you-scream-loud-enough on-premise later.

Well, I can't speak for any one else of course, but since we're not even using Power BI proper right now and we're looking at PBI Report Server as our bridge to EVENTUALLY start using PBI components...I'm perfectly fine with 3 or 4 releases of Report Server a year. Part of me likes the idea that those using the service more aggressively will work out the kinks before us on-premise folks get the code running in our local environments. That said - Microsoft REALLY needs to stick to that release schedule so we don't start feeling like leftovers who are just getting the scraps of the "Premium Service" users. I'd prefer quarterly releases, but 3 a year is acceptable.

Well that's good (and interesting) news all around, thanks Chris! I'll have to see how things progress over here the next month or so, maybe we can hold off for that July/August release since the vast majority of what we do is still SSRS and RDL based, and probably will be for a while. 

With all the bugs introduced and reintroduced every release, you may want to try with the latest version now, fully test it so that you know what to expect.

Yeah we have the March release on a dev server and have been experimenting a bit there. We'll just have to see how the timelines fall...other issues at play on our end unfortunately! 

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