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pwolf Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

January 2019 release - Still no Excel export?

Hi Microsoft, 


I would like to express my disappointment with the January 2019 release.


I am working for a retail company and I have introduced Power BI for analysing slow and fast sellers (and representing these articles in a visual way). The purchasing department is quite happy with the Power BI tool, except for one thing: There is no easy way to export the article data to Excel (from a Power BI table) or print the dashboard with the table (50+ articles, requires scrolling). This is a requirement, e.g. when visiting suppliers with no decent Internet access or for preparing data for supplier talks.


I was really hoping that MS would introduce a decent/nice Excel export functionality with the new January 2019 release. I was also thinking that this was one highly anticipated feature (or am I the only one?). However, this forum post here suggests that the Excel functionality was moved to Sept 2019??? (


Sorry, but a decent Excel Export of the Dashboard / table data should be of high importance for most organizations - or not?


Kind regards




Ctijsseling Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: January 2019 release - Still no Excel export?

What's wrong with exporting into CSV? Excel read it like any excel document.

pwolf Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: January 2019 release - Still no Excel export?



from my perspective, the following things are wrong with exporting into CSV:


1) I have to save the csv file as Excel file after using filters, coloring, or other Excel features while working with the exported data. Otherwise, these changes would be lost when saving to csv. This is an additional step for my users which would not be required if the data is exported in Excel format directly.


2) When opening the csv file in Excel, the data is not arranged in columns. This depends on the Region and language settings and the configured list separator (which is semicolon in my case). The PowerBI Export uses comma as a separator ( => my users need additional guidelines regarding the required steps for open the file correctly. For some of them, this requires too much IT skills.


Kind regards


stpnet Established Member
Established Member

Re: January 2019 release - Still no Excel export?

If you  have a read of this thread


It looks like Excel Export is scheduled for the September 2019 release.


I'm not suggesting that the inability to export the pages to PPT and Excel using the on premise PBI-SSRS product is anyhting other than crippling in many use case. But it does look like it's coming.



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