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Advocate I

How to remove scientific notation from Measure in a Matrix

I have a Matrix with many measures. I have gone into Formatting > Field Formatting for every measure and set the formatting to Display units = Thousands and Value decimal places to 0. I have many data values in one column showing up in scientific notation. 2E-10, -4E-11, etc. How do I get these to show up as 0 K?


The data is coming from a direct connection to an SSAS data source. For SSAS data, you cannot change the formatting on the measure in PBI Desktop. Looking at the model in Visual Studio, the measure format is Whole Number, Show Thousand Separator = True.


I saw some posts suggesting using ROUND() to get rid of the digits. I literally have 1000 measures in this model and cannot make this change everywhere where I could need it.

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Frequent Visitor



Hi Lin, can you take a look to this? I am having the same problem. No answer from support team.

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I am having the same problem. No solution to this?

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Also keen for a solution to this.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Using ROUND(measure_calculation,0) is a workaround, but I keep running across more measures in my model that need this.


Scientific notation appearing when formatting as thousands, millions seems like a bug to me. How do I report this?

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