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jciromil Frequent Visitor
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How to re setup schedule refresh with different userid?

Hi Team,


I have certain reports that auto refresh at some specific time. I have used my corporate ID and using that ID, I have install Power BI Gateway for refreshing on-premise data. I have then configured my reports using the gateway that I have installed on my Windows Server.


Now, we have setup a new SA account that has its own Corporate email address, power BI pro license and its own username/password. Now I want my reports to use the SA account for setting up Gateway as well as reports will be refreshed using SA Accounts' Gateway setting.


What changes I need to make? The server where both the gateways are installed is a common single server.


Steps that I have taken so far:


  1.   Sign in with SA Acccount in the Gateway installer
  2.   Enter recovery key in the Gateway installer
  3.   Gateway is installed succesfully using SA's account corporate email ID and password