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Fazil Visitor

How to Pass Parameters to a Power BI Report on Report Server from MVC Application at Runtime



I have created a power bi report in Power BI Desktop using a stored procedure having parameters From Date, To Date, CategoryId, DepartmentId. I have uploaded the report to Power BI Report Server. Now I am trying to embed the report in my MVC application using "iframe", but I don't know how to pass parameters to report at run time from the application.

Can anyone help me?


Currently, I don't know the table name and field name. I just try to get the report details from reporting server using rest API, but I didn't get the parameters from it. Is there any way to set parameter value as we set in SSRS report (UI to enter parameter values) or get parameters from API?


And Is there any other option other than using "iframe" for embedding the report to my MVC Application and passing parameters. ?



Thanks & Regards