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csteinberg Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Help - Connection Refused

We've been running PBI Report Server for a few months utilizing the Web Portal for our users.  All of a sudden, the web portal will not load.  In chrome we get refused to connect (other browsers message that they cant find it.

All services seem to start normally as well:


We also see this message in IE troubleshooter:



The odd thing is that nothing has changed with regard to the configuraiton.  It just seems to have stopped working.  We've tried reauthenticating and even had IT do a full restore to a few days prior to when it stopped working.  
We're dead in the water right now.
Anyone have any ideas on where to look next?
ganga-2016-MSFT Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Help - Connection Refused

could you please check the Log files generally which are located in - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server\PBIRS\LogFiles and post the errors what do you see in it. 

Can you try connecting locally on the report server and check which port it is running and it's open to accepting the http traffic. I suspect with error might be your group policy might be blocked the port. 


If you still didn't have any clue raise a support case to Microsoft CSS team which they can help to identify and provide a workaround. 

csteinberg Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Help - Connection Refused

The only thing we see is:
ReportingServicesWMI!4840!4868!2017/12/11-11:35:25!Administrator!I!Attempt to connect to RPC server failed with hr = 0x800706b3


Even when on the server itself, the report portal will not open.

dhawal16 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Help - Connection Refused

We are also facing the same issue, did you find any resolution for this?


Thanks in Advance.



csteinberg Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Help - Connection Refused

Yes, although the resultion was not as easy as you would hope.


Our issue was the result of running under and "evaluation" licensing status.  That said, we have a license and believe it had been applied.  This is where is got a little tricky....


On the initial installation we had going back to May/June of last year prior to General Release of PBI Report Server, we had installed the CTP (Community Technical Preview).  We then installed Report Server on top of that.  CTP cannot be licensed and had prevented the Key from taking.  We had a hardware issue that forced a reboot of the machine, at which point the server must had recognized the evaluation had expired when the services restarted.  The server had not been rebooted for a few months.


Because the CTP could not be licensed and was also running in "evaluation" that seemed to prevent us from licensing PBI report server and even though we entered the key, it reverted to "evaluation" status.  When we uninstalled the CTP, we were able to get the license to take, but at that point, the web portal configuration seemed to have issues.


The end result for us was to stand up a new Power BI Report Server, license it and migrate the configuration and database(s).  Once we did, everything came back.  



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