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davbailey Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Getting an access token to an on-premise installation of Power BI Reporting Server

I am trying to move reports from a SSRS installation to Power BI.  I am able to get the reports moved over to the Power BI server; however, the Data Sources are not completely migrating over.  This is acceptable if the Data Sources can be updated through the Api.  There a small number of Reports to move and all of the reports will use a even smaller handful of Shared DataSources.  During the migration the Data Source name is kept but the credential information in it needs to be updated.  The hope is through V2 Api I can sign in and update these Data Sources with the correct credentials.  I do notice that during my migration that the name of the Shared Data Source is retained in the migration.  At the end of the day, I have to hand this migration tool off to put the reports into production.  This may not be the best place for this question, but I had to start somewhere.