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Generic "Something's wrong with one or more fields" error on data refresh

I keep getting these errors on various reports, but only when they are uploaded to the server and then subsequently refresh their data. The visuals work fine in desktop and they work fine when initially uploaded to the report server, but randomly break when the data refreshes. My solution so far has been to just re-upload the report, which has worked most of the time, but I'd like to figure out what's causing this.


Here's the error this time:


Fields that need to be fixed
Something's wrong with one or more fields: (OGP_DataSet1) ClosingsToHitGoal
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
The "technical details":
Request ID 23d87758-3cfb-9844-516d-966b29ec3351
Time Fri Jul 03 2020 10:34:01 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version/powerbi/libs
ClosingsToHitGoal is a measure, and is working fine in desktop. It's simply a number minus COUNT() of a column, which exists and is working in the dataset.
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   Hi, i have the same problem occuring since 2 weeks ago now.  I thought it was a one-off but i'm having this issue with all model changes now; where placing a new field in an existing visual on a report page errors once the model has been refreshed by the PBIReportServer (the visual performs fine within PBIDesktop and within the PBIReportServer until the model is refreshed by the ReportServer iteself, then it breaks).

Hi brents,


Can you describe in more detail what changes you are doing and steps to reproduce? Do you have a scale out environment? Are you on the latest release?

Frequent Visitor

hi, my client has the PBIReportServer db housed within a separate sql only server; and a dedicated PBIReportServer for the reset with the recommeded minimum resources (32gb memory).  


We are still on the January2020 release and have had no issues with it till about 2 weeks ago.  They did change the name of the server and reduced the memory from 60gb to 32gb as we moved authoring development off the dedicated (non sql) server.  Now that the server is considered a production level machine, it could be that there is more regular pathcing of the server operating system itself; but other than the operating system we only have the PBIReportServer software running on it.


What has started happening is: (a) first issue was with a DAX calculation which i added to a card visual to show a message if a condition is met and show a different message if not; simple if-then-else condition off a calculated measure.  oddly, i have had the true condition working for some time so i doubt the condition is the problem - but since i added the "else" condition text then i've been getting an error in the card visual.  Thinking the issue was with the condition/dax-calc (novice here) i removed the else condition and left the card as is and instead added a static piece of text for the else message as a workaround.

(b) yesterday i needed to add a new column to a table visual; the calculation this time is not done using dax but within powerquery this time.  I can add the column to the table visual in pbi desktop (no issues) and publish to the report server (no issues); but as soon as the model is refreshed by the report server then the entire table visual errors saying the new column added has a problem.


this is the error shown by the table visual:

Fields that need to be fixed
Something's wrong with one or more fields: (EPM_Projects) Project Spent Payments Due Variance Descriptor
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Request ID: 0601d95e-f315-f84b-7c88-839553abca16
Time: Thu Jul 16 2020 09:13:14 GMT+0300 (Arab Standard Time)
Service version: /powerbi/libs


And, i'm a little clueless as to what to look for in the log - the only thing that stands out is...

2020-07-15 22:00:46.0617|ERROR|60|PBI.Win.ExploreHostTrace|type:Error;message:OverflowException occurred when parsing min and max value for property 434784E0823ACCACF44C6CD23ADE83BEA5821C2E66F3DA907F0F11FC286F01E1;| RequestID = 94742964-e84a-abe6-fae5-04b4df8e4533 ClientSessionID = 57b9ffdd-5aa3-20bf-41c8-7199013bcf34


i am going to try another simpler test this morning wherein i'll be adding a custom column 1+1 in powerquery and then dropping that in the table visual.


thanks for your interest.



Frequent Visitor

hi, an update: turns out there was nothing wrong with my calculations after all.  What corrected my problem was downloading the report from the PBIReportServer; deleting the report from the PBIReportServer; and re-uploading the report.  


when all else fails, reset/reboot/(and now) delete-and-reupload ;)))

brents, that's exactly what I've done in the past, but it recently stopped working for me. It will work find until a data refresh happens, then it breaks again.

EDIT: I guess not exactly, I've been doing replacements rather than full delete/uploads. Unfortunately with the security setup we have, delete/upload is not feasible due to having to re-enter every user.

Hi SamKrygsheld, i make it a point to never open the report file from the server but instead follow this method: download latest report from server; open pbi desktop as administator (this has to be done with this client as there appears to be a permissions issue when connecting to their sql dbs and only opening the file as administrator permits the connection - its a workaround which works for them so i'm just going with it); open (now) local report file; make changes and save-as back to pbi report server.  My client on occassion opens the file from the server instead of following my fail proof method and i've had some issues with the model when they have saved the file back to the server ... so i've politly insisted that the longer method be followed, else i cannot support the report.


I wish i had more time to troubleshoot some of these hiccups, but as long as i have a workable workaround then i cannot afford the time.


p.s. since deleting the report from the pbi report server (start-a-fresh); and keeping the client to the above method - we've not had the issue "this" week.

Have you guys checked what version of PBIRS you have?

Those issues should be resolved in version 15.0.1103.234 that has been released on 6/30

Please let me know if you still have issues with that version.




Hi baghbidi, thanks for the heads-up ... i have started the process to obtain permission to upgrade their server - we only recently had the server reclassified as a Productions server and i'm not yet familiar with the extent of the red-tap involved.  Hopefully it will happen this month still?


Hi Sam,


What version of Report Server are you using?


We have released version 15.0.1103.234 few days ago that might solve your issue.


Please install that version and let me know how it goes.




Thanks for the response! I believe updates get released twice a year, so we are on whatever version that's before the new one (I'm not the admin, and I don't see a version number anywhere, sorry). I will put in a request to update to the latest version. In the meantime, do you have any other ideas as to what I could do to troubleshoot?

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