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Exporting list of those with access to the Report



I'd like to export the list of those that my report has been shared with. The list has gotten rather long and exporting is the most efficient way. Is there a way to do this? I am already at the list of recipients, I just don't see a way to export.




Open the Manage permissions page of the dataset  in Chrome, and then start a developer mode using F12


in the console area type the following command:


$('span.emailColumn').each(function() { console.log ($(this).text())})


This will give you all the mail addresses 🙂 in a list


or.... even cooler:
$('.permissionTable li').each(function() { console.log ( $(this).children('span.nameColumn').text(),",",$(this).children('span.emailColumn').text(),",",$(this).children('span.memberAccessColumn').text())})


Check Bart's updated version of the script since the release of the new sharing experience:



which will give you a CSV list in the console to be copy/pasted


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Regular Visitor

Hi @AlexanderK79  , with the new "report sharing experience" MS deployed recently, unfortunately your script doesn't work anymore. I modified it slightly and it works again (see below), BUT I only get back the number of rows that is visible on the browser screen. Would you know any way to get around this?


Thanks! Bart


$('.row').each(function() { console.log (


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Nope 😞

Thank you @AlexanderK79 , worked perfectly

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Impactful Individual

If you install the ReportingServicesTools PowerShell module from here


you can get the data back pretty easily.


Import-Module ReportingServicesTools

$CatItemRoles = Get-RsCatalogItemRole -Path "/ThisFolderOrItem" -ReportServerUri "http://yourServerName/ReportServerPBI"

$CatItemRoles | Export-Csv -LiteralPath "C:\CatItemRoles.csv"


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Where do you get from the Report Server URI parameter?




You don't need the  Report Server when you use the trick with the debugging tools

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No? What do you need then? I write this on Power Shell: Import-Module ReportingServicesTools; Get-RsCatalogItemRole this is what I'm getting:

Failed to establish proxy connection to http://localhost/reportserver/ : Failed to establish proxy connection to http://localhost/reportserver/ReportService2010.asmx : There was an error
downloading 'http://localhost/reportserver/ReportService2010.asmx'



The first lines of code are part of this: 

Import-Module ReportingServicesTools
$CatItemRoles = Get-RsCatalogItemRole -Path "/ThisFolderOrItem" -ReportServerUri "http://yourServerName/ReportServerPBI"
$CatItemRoles | Export-Csv -LiteralPath "C:\CatItemRoles.csv"


That's why I was asking for the ReportServerUri parameter.


Please, help me 🙂 


Kind regards, 

Cristina Simion

Sorry, but I don't know... I took a different approach

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Could you explain me which aproach did you take?


Thank you so much!

@Anonymous He took the console approach which he did explain in his previous message. It works perfectly!!

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