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Export data to Excel not working in Report Server

My colleague and I successfully connected my DB to Analysis Servers and then a PBI Report Server (August version). Everything looks great, but nothing happens when I try to export the data from a visual to Excel.

The settings on the SSRS instance have EnablePowerBIReportExportData set to true, so the problem may not be in our local download of Power BI.


The problem may be in the web application itself because when we turn on the Network capture feature in Developer Tools in the browser and then click Export Data on a grid, we can see a few querydata API requests that succeed followed by a request for a filesaver.min.js script that fails with a 404-Not found error.

This may be a bug that needs a quick fix. What is your assessment?




Perhaps, I will write someting on the solution. So stay tuned! 

Does anyone has a solution? Post the steps to resolve the issue, pls. Thanks


Thanks, @Ramzivic.


@Anonymous wrote:

Hi, can you explain this in more detail - I might be being a little thick here but what is the ARR role?

ARR = Application Request Routing, part of IIS. See Using the Application Request Routing Module and

Define and Configure an Application Request Routing Server Farm. Essentially, this is an implementation of that reverse proxy approach where you've got a middleman web server that forwards requests for everything except the missing filesaver.min.js file on to the PBIRS web server.



I founf a workaround for this issue by installing on my Power BI Server the ARR role and redirecting the request conatining filesaver.min.js to a farm based on a single static server. On this server I put the filesaver js file and I can export my data to csv files. Hope it helps! 

Thanks for reporting this, I just gave it a try and I was able to repro the issue. I'll get a bug filed for this and we'll get it taken care of. Unfortunately there isn't a workaroud at the moment.

Hi there


Just want to know if this has been resolved? And when the new version of Power BI report server will be available post Oct 2017?

Hi @mgmeyer,


What is the typical timeline for resolving issues like this one? Will we need to wait until the next release of Report Server, or might we expect an earlier fix? Thanks for your help!

@mgmeyer  same issue here with us, this is quite a biggie, how soon can MS resolve this?

If I took the time to answer your question and I came up with a solution, please mark my post as a solution and /or give kudos freely for the effort 🙂 Thank you!

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