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Export data from Power BI server to SQL server

Hello, I need som help figuring out how to accomplish the following.



I have a client that is running Power BI report server on premise who needs to export  a large number of rows(200 000+) from a Power BI report connected to an Analysis Services cube.



For Power BI Desktop and services this is possible using the methods described in the following article:


But these solutions won´t work for Power BI report server.


The functionality that I want to achieve for the end user is:

End user decides what slicers to use in the report and selects "Export"(Button/Textbox/hyperlink/something else).


I can capture the slicer selection as a measure using DAX but then I don´t know how to proceed from there?

So far I have two ways that might be possible with some magic Smiley Happy


  1. Insert distinct measure into a table in SQL server(How?) and use SSIS to query Analysis Services cube and export.

  2. Pass distinct measure to SSRS report as parameter inside hyperlink(How?) and have the SSRS report run a procedure inserting the distinct measure into a SQL server table and then run SSIS to export.


I have searched for a solution but have not been able to find anything that fits what I need.


Any help on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!