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Drillthrough on the referenced id in a column table

Hi everybody

If a referenced project ID exists in the table, I want to drillthrough on the referenced project id (in a second report page).



Expected result:


In the report page 2 I want to see the information of the referenced project and not of the original project (row 1 in the table in report page 1). 


Current Status: I used the filter 'Referenced project ID' for all visuals in report page 2. But I still get the information of the original project instead of the referenced project. 



I believe I have to match 'project ID' and 'Referenced project ID'?


Thank you in advace for your support.




Frequent Visitor


Is there a smarter way than replicate the table 1, match the table1[PROJECT ID] with table2[Referenced project ID]  and drillthrough on measure = SELECTEDVALUE(table1[Referenced project ID],1)?
Thank you in advance.
Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Can you share your pbi file ?

Hi @freginier ,

Unfortunately I cannot share the file for confidential reasons. I have recreated the two report pages in the screenshots.

On the report page 1, you'll find a table with the 'project id' and the corresponding project details such as 'project name', 'project start and end date', 'cost', 'project stage'. Some projects (rows) have a 'referenced project id'.

On page 2, you should see the project details of the 'referenced project id'. I want to drill through in page 1  by 'referenced project id' to report page 2. In the visual (table with 'project name', 'project start and end date', 'cost', 'project stage') in report page 2 I keep ONLY the filter for 'referenced project id. The project Id is not in the list of drill through in page 2.


What information or settings do you want to check in the pbi file?



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