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Display short URL

I would like to display in a Table visual a value from a column, but make it a URL. For example :


I would like to display this :




But when user clicks the URL he is taken to this :


Also, if possible, can this be done so URL opens in a separate Window/Tab? I normally do this in SSRS reports via using : 




Re: Display short URL

You can use the concatenate function and create a new column CONCATENATE("",[account_id]) and create a new field. You can then embed this in a table view and then enable the URL icon in the formatting section of the table.


The article below will give you a detailed visual explanation of how to enable the URL Icon in your table which will replace the long text into a nicely formatted icon which the users can click.

By default the link opens in a new tab so you dont have to worry about that either.