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Disable/Prevent/Restrict/Block publish to cloud service for Power BI Report Server implementations

Our organization has implemented Power BI on-premise using Power BI Report Server (SA), however we have run into a key blocking issue which is currently preventing us from going live across our organization. Due to our company’s policies, we need to block our users from being able to publish to the cloud service. We only want our users to publish to the on-premise PBI Report Server. However, the licensing model for an on-premise implementation requires that ‘publishers’ (users who want to publish to the on-premise Power BI Report Server) must have a Power BI Pro license. We have procured PBI Pro licenses for our publishers, however this license also enables them to publish to the cloud service as well without any restrictions or controls. For our organization, this is considered a significant risk and we need to disable cloud publishing. Disablement of cloud publishing would seem to go hand-in-hand with an on-premise implementation utilizing Power BI Report Server since most organizations are choosing this implementation route to avoid storing their data in the cloud. This is further complicated since we are a U.S. subsidiary of a global enterprise in which the O365/Power BI cloud region has been set to store our data in the E.U.


We are looking for help and guidance for how to configure our Power BI on-premise implementation and/or PBI cloud service to disallow our users the ability to publish to the cloud service; which is administered by our parent and utilized by multiple subsidiaries. We have spent much time researching and applying various configurations without success.

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Hi all - is this still the case ? its been a few years since the thread started and i have the same challenge.




We are facing the same issue !!

Does anyone find an easy solution to block the feature "Publish to cloud" or disable the functionality to connect to the Microsoft Cloud ? 😇

Please let me know if any solution found or any suggestions. 


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Add another to this same scenario. Setting up some type of Firewall / Infrastructure block will only lead to confusion to End Users who still see this feature in Power BI Desktop, so we don't view this as an acceptable workaround. Has anyone requested at  ?

Just getting on board this one as well. We need users to be able to view reports published by 3rd parties on the clous service but we can not allow them to publish there. Firewall rules would work well for us but im not sure where to go to get the correct rules.

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Hi,  We are having same issue - and need to restrict (or disable) the "Publish to Power BI" (to external cloud) feature in the Power BI desktop.   Cannot find a solution - even when using the Microsoft Power BI Desktop (Optimized for Power BI Report Server). 


Our company cannot allow users to send data to external cloud due security issues .

This is such a critical issue it may result in Power BI not being adopted by our organization.  I am sure other firms facing similar issue. 


Please let me know if any solution found or any suggestions. 

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I would say that you simply need to block access to the Power BI Service in your corporate firewalls. There is no tenant setting for this.

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