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Desktop Vs Desktop for RS. - Relationships with duplicates


I have a general question regarding the differences between PBI Desktop and PBI Desktop Optimized for Report Server. 

I have multiple SQL queries setup and succesfully pulling data ( Around 1.6 Million rows total ) 

I have a sufficent date table, a sales data table containing product lines and catalog numbers and a product table that contains matching catalog numbers, mfg discounts, internal cost etc. 

In PBI Desktop I was able to create a many-to-many relationship between catalog numbers with no errors pertaining to "Can´t create a relationship between two columns because one of the columns must have unique value"  I was able to create the report I needed and verified it with some other reports I have built through Tableau.

However, with Power BI Desktop / RS I keep receiving the following error "Can´t create a relationship between two columns because one of the columns must have unique value" - Is this something that is planning to be updated when PBI/RS is updated next? It's the exact same queries and data for both programs but report server is unable to link the data in the way that it needs to be linked.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Tried creting all type of relations here?
Same data in both cases for sure?


There is no official differences between this two versions of PBI Desktop in relationships area.

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