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ngopikrishna New Member
New Member

Custom Visual Pyramid 3D Chart by Collabion Stopped Working after Upgrade


We had old verson of Power BI Desktop and Power bi Report server (on premise) June 2017 version.

We have downloaded the custom visual "Pyramid 3D Chart by Collabion.1.0.0.pbiviz" file from

and it worked fine in Power bi Desktop and power Bi Report server. We have shown demo to users and they are very happy about this chart as they requested it.



Now , we have upgraded the power bi Server and Power bi Desktop to August 2018 version ( Which has the major release and trust worth version). To our shock this custom visual alone stopped working in Power bi Report Server, but it works well in Power Bi Desktop.



Please investigate this issue and provide us the solution as we commited to deliver this chart , we received projects based on this chart. if we are not fixing it wich will impact our reputation.