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Custom Authentication in Power BI Report Server



We have power BI Report Server Installed (On-prem)


We do not need Windows Authentication for login in to Power BI Application for  the Users

So we plan to implement Custom Authentciation as mentioned in below document


Could anyone please help in elaborating which Steps to actually implement from the below since it is mentioned

"If we have Power Bi Report Server, then we need to just run Configure.ps1"

As I understand ,

Configure.ps1 is the code which is attached in the above link . Should I need to copy this file in any path on the server?
If yes, could you pls help me with the path
Is there any other steps that I need to do like copying files etc?




luisrh Member

Re: Custom Authentication in Power BI Report Server

The github readme has the details on what to do under Step 3:  Deployment and Configuration.   If you follow those instructions it should work.  I suggest you tailor the code to deal with the type of auth you will be implementing.  If you are doing some type of SSO , there is extra work you'll need to do.


GuestUser Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Custom Authentication in Power BI Report Server



But I need to understand how do we run the Configure.ps1 command

Should we set some path on command prompt and then run this Configure.ps1 ?


Can someone please elaborate on it..?


saykasku Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Custom Authentication in Power BI Report Server

"All the steps are automated in a PowerShell Script, if you have a Power BI Report Server default installation you can run (the script is only valid for Power BI Report Server, for SSRS you need to follow the manual steps)


This configuration is not intended to use in production, you should generate your own strong name key and your own authentication key different of those used in the sample"


I think u have default paths in this file so u can run it everywhere. You need to do this only once.

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