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Change Display of Users from Domain\LoginName to Display Name

The security panel of the Power BI Report Server could benefit from an improvement by displaying the Active Directory user's Display Name in addition to the logon name.  For networks where the logon name is not DomainName\FirstName.LastName but something like DomainName\ghus1245 only having the logon name makes it difficult to find user accounts using first and last name (which is what is usually provided).   


Additionally, the mechanism to add users/groups could benefit from including an AD search capability.

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I had to join another table in a different schema that had first and last names for all users but its a pain. First and Last names or other info should be part of the Power BI profile and not just username. Active directory lookup might be fine when looking up one or two users but wouldnt it be somewhat costly if you need to get full names for all users from the execution log like 50K plus rows as an example?


Looking at this further does anyone know if you can manually populate this table:

SELECT [UserID],[DefaultEmailAddress] FROM [dbo].[UserContactInfo]? I do not see a way on a non cloud report server and right now this table is empty. If anyone can add contact records to this table then you could do something like email|full_name|other_info and then join on users table. Any thoughts?


Also, above is needed for Direct Query report. We have other direct query reports that run super fast but when it comes to looking at who accessed which report via direct query and joining to another db to get full name that's when things slow down to the point report being not usable due to slow load time.

Resolver II
Resolver II

I had similar need in past within SSRS and solved with custom .Net assembly, which queries AD.

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This custom .net assembly was it built on your own or can it be found on the internet? If so, what search term should I use?
How should I go about building this custom assembly?

I wrote my own. But if you search "querying Active Directory c#" you will find lots of samples.

If my post solved your problem, mark my post as a solution to help others to quickly find it and also please give it a 👍

Hi @saglamtimur ,  Thank you for the info.  Unfortunately, I cannot do much with it.  Did the custom .Net assembly integrate into the Report Server security page display or was it used separately?

I have used it separately. I believe it can be used with custom authentication.

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