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TheSmilingDBA Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Cannot upload Power BI report to Power BI Report Server

We recently upgraded a Reporting Server 2014 (along with the database engine) to Power BI Report Server 2017. We did uninstall SQL Server 2014 and all components from the server first.


when trying to save as a Power BI report to this installation, we get An error occrued while attempting to save the report to Power BI Report Server (with a close button). The file is saved to the portal and we can see it. Trying to run the report gives an error 


"unable to load model Please try again later or contact support. if you contact support, please provide these details.


Request ID: (long guid)

Time - cuurent time

Version 14.0.600.442


Ran Power BI report server 2017 installation (Oct 2017 release) on an SQL Server enterprise edition license with EA.


I can upload and run Report Server rdl files as well as use Report Builder to edit or load a new report.


We have this working on a Development machine with no problems, but it was a fresh install no upgrade.