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Helper III

Bi Directional Cross filtering breaking when server refreshes

I've got a visual that ends up having a faulty relationship after a server refresh.

When I pull it into the power bi desktop app, the visual appears to fix itself and the relationship is fixed, so the problem only happens when the server model is refreshed.

The visual is using bi directional cross filtering and it works like a charm on the desktop app and works when published to the server up until the server refreshes.

Has any one experienced this issue or does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve it.


Thanks in advance,



Super User
Super User

@tmendoza What visuals are we talking about here? Is one of them a third-party visual?

You could check the Issues forum here:

And if it is not there, then you could post it.

If you have Pro account you could try to open a support ticket. If you have a Pro account it is free. Go to Scroll down and click "CREATE SUPPORT TICKET".

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Hello @Greg_Deckler,

The visual is the basic clustered column chart that comes with PBI.

Works fine in the desktop app, but when published, it does not respond well to a server refresh.

Have you tried to refresh the data at desktop? Is it refreshing fine?

Is it possible for you to share the screenshot of the Error & Data Model?

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Hello @FarhanAhmed,

Yes, the refresh on the desktop is working fine.

This is what the visual looks like unfiltered. I've got the axis showing the data in terms of division. To the right is the division Page level filter.



This is what it looks like on a good refresh (desktop app). Page level filter is selecting the West and the visual shows the west division.

Works in Desktop AppWorks in Desktop App

This is what it looks like after published and a server refresh with the same Division filter selected.

Does not work when server refreshesDoes not work when server refreshes

I've tested this on the PBI service too and it goes screwy after a refresh as well.

But works like a charm on the desktop app.

Looks weird, is it possible to share the screenshot of the model?

What relationship are you using in the model?

Page Level Filters & Visual are using the same column from the same table? right ?

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Thanks for responding.


Attached is a screenshot of another page in the same dashboard. Same concept, this visual is more simple though.



I'm using a many to one relationship with cross filter in both directions.



The page level filter and visual are not using the same column, Division (page level filter) comes from the origianl table and the divisions shown in the visual are values in the reference table. the reference table is joined to the original via a index. 

Once again, this has no problem working on the power bi app, but fails after a refresh in the server. It seems that the server is missing some sort of logic that the power bi app has. When it breaks after a server refresh, I pull it into the app and it littereally fixes itself.

The method I used to create this relationship can be seen by this guy in a cube video:

looks like Cross Filter Direction is causing issues in Power BI Web.


One more thing that you can do is to delete the dataset in Power BI Web and then republish the report in the server.

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When you say Power BI Web, are you talking about the On Prem Server?

It certainly is causing an issue in the Power BI Report server. Is this a bug that Microsft needs to work out? 

I feel like the Desktop app should behave the same when published.

When I set the cross filter to "single" and use the DAX function CROSSFILTER in it's place, it still fails on the Server after a refresh.

How would I delete a data set on PBI web?

Do you mean delete the entire dashboard and then republish?


Thanks for your advice.

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