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Dbvinson4 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Attempting to Pass a parameter through a URL in Power BI Report Server August 2018 version

Version of PBIRS - Version 1.3.6816.37243 (August 2018)


Prepared my URL as I thought I should
http://<REDACTED PBIRS SERVER>/Report Folder/Report Name?filter=Spreadsheet Query/Status eq 'Open'


Translates to: 

http://<REDACTED PBIRS SERVER>/TEST/test%20shark?filter=Spreadsheet%20Query%2FStatus%20eq%20Open


Spreadsheet Query is the name of the table (data source folder)
Status is the name of the field
Status shows up in the Filters window
Status is also a slicer that is visible
Report Executes in PBIRS but returns all values, not just the 'Open' ones

Tried with and without the name of the data source folder, same results.
Data Source Storage Mode is Import