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cmikhaiel Frequent Visitor
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Assistance Configuring PowerBI Embedded for Azure Hosted SharePoint - multi domain users

Hi all valued community members,


I need some assistance configuring, publishing and embedding a report into SharePoint. I've been researching quite a bit.  We have followed a lot of the steps in this tutorial:


- We have a dashboard and report already created and published in an App workspace. The app is published and got some test account permissions.

- We purchased an Embedded license and did setup the server and the resource is good to go in Azure.

- I did register a new App. - However I'm not sure if that is needed, because the App I need to publish to it is a SharePoint environment which is also hosted in the same Azure tenant. Meaning that we have an registered app called "SharePoint" that is not "Native", it is a "Web App/API". 

- I did register a new App using the Native as we wanted only one account /Master Account that has the PowerBI license to read the content. 


I'm not familiar with Rest API's or how to configure it. The two things are totally disconnected right now - The published app workspace under that master account and the Registered app... 

My questions are:

- How do I connect the two? I need a step by step? and if there is code involved, where do I place that code if it needs to be into SharePoint Page or something? 

- Then how do I embed the report into sharepoint??? I tried to take the link off of the report which is under File -> Embed (securly embed this report in a website or portal). The link is fine but when the users try to access it, it keeps asking them to login and purchase a PowerBI Pro license. We don't want the users to purchase a license, that's why we purchases the embedded license in the first place. 

- I think I'm missing the access token but with all the reading I did, I couldn't figure where and how and why!

It is all new to me and my team. I know I'm missing something or there is a link or step there that needs to be configured, but not sure what it is.. for SharePoint. 


Assistance pleeeeaaaaase... 


Thank you so much in advance!