Combined Area - Bar - Scatter Plot


Combined Area - Bar - Scatter Plot

R Plot.PNGR Plot Example


Adding Multiple chart types on one graph can be necessary to compare various variables.


Learn It

Want to see exactly how I built this visual?  Check out my Tutorial on PowerBI.Tips which explains how to create this visual step by step, with detailed explainations about the R code.  Enjoy!


Prerequisites (The sample .pbix files won't work without installing the following)

1. Install R Engine

Power BI does not include the R engine.  Therefore, a seperate installation is required to install R on your local computer.  You can download R from the Revolution Open download page, and through the CRAN Repository.


2. Install the R packages

Once R engine has been installed you can dowload the package from the Revolution Open Package Downloads Page


Required R Packages



Tested on

MRO 3.3.1, CRAN 3.3.1


Mike Carlo ( )