Bubble chart in R

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Bubble chart in R

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Using sample city of Melbourne statistics data this visual represents three different dimensions onto a single bubble chart. X-axis represents number of cafes, Y-axis represents number of restaurants and area of the bubble represents magnitude of the population of each suburb in Melbourne. 


Prerequisites (The sample .pbix files won't work without installing the following)

1. Install R Engine

Power BI does not include the R engine.  Therefore, a seperate installation is required to install R on your local computer.  


Required R Packages

This visual make use of base R package and so installation of any special package is not required.


Tested on

MRO 3.3.1, CRAN 3.3.1

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Re: Bubble chart in R

@ankitpatira Great visual, from where I download this PBIX file to play with this visual. Thanks! Sohail