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Top 1 per category

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Top 1 per category


Sometimes it can be valuable to simply show what the top performing products or customers are. The TopN filter in Power BI makes this an easy task but is bounded to a visual. To get the best performing category in a single measure, this Quick calculation can be used.


In the pbix, use the relative date slicer to see the top sold product changing.


How it works

Per category the selected measure is calculated, the TopN part will only select the first row based on the descending order for the selected measure over the categories. When 2 rows in the categories share the same value, the lastnonblank selects the latest value based on the column sorting order. This can be changed to firstnonblank to select the first.




Top 1 Productname for Sales =
LASTNONBLANK ( 'Product'[Productname]; 1 );
FILTER ( TOPN ( 1; VALUES ( 'Product'[Productname] ); [Sales]; DESC ); TRUE () )


To get the value for the top 1 category, replace the LASTNONBLANK() with the {Base value}



Sales for Top 1 productname =
FILTER ( TOPN ( 1; VALUES ( 'Product'[Productname] ); [Sales]; DESC ); TRUE () )


To get the friendly label simply use:


Best product label =
"The best sold product is " & [Top 1 Productname for Sales] & " with " & FORMAT([Sales for Top 1 productname];"€ #,#") &" in sales"




Top 1 per category



Calculates the top 1 of the base value over the category



Name: Base value

Tooltip: The value that is used to determine the top 1

Type: Numerical field / measure


Name: Category

Tooltip: The category in which you want to calculate the top 1

Type: Categorical field




Top 1 {Category} for {Base value} =
LASTNONBLANK ( {Category}; 1 );
FILTER ( TOPN ( 1; VALUES ( {Category} ); {Base value}; DESC ); TRUE () )





mdaamirkhan Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Re: Top 1 per category



How will I defined two product name in the following wuery that you are given.

Not applicable

Re: Top 1 per category

Hi @mdaamirkhan


What do you want to accomplish? The names of the 2 products that have the highest sales?


Because it's a measure you cannot return 2 rows. You should either contatenate the rows or use a table visual to filter on the top 2 based on sales. You could also create a New table with DAX where you can use the below FILTER() statement to reutn the top 2 products.


To concatenate the top 2 products you can use the formula below.


Top2Concatenated =
    TOPN ( 2; VALUES ( 'Product'[Productname] ); [Sales]; DESC );
    ". "