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Table/Matrix Totals or Subtotals

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Table/Matrix Totals or Subtotals

I have recently come across a lot of questions in the Power BI Community where people have created a measure in a matrix, but where the Subtotals and Grand Totals do not add up.


This Quick Measure will enable them to use this specifically for Matrix or Table visuals.



Table/Matrix Totals 


This is to be specifically used when using a table or maxtrix visual and you want the totals to be correct.


Name: Base value

Tooltip: The value you want to see the percent for

Type: Numerical field / measure


Name: Category

Tooltip: The category you want the overall total for

Type: Text/Date




Matrix {Category} Totals =

IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES({Category})) = 1,
   {Base Value},
       {Base Value})



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