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SVG Gauges

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SVG Gauges

With the August 2018 release it's possible to assign a data category to a measure, this allows to make a measure representing an svg chart.


The measure displays 3-position gauge based on input measures.


How to use:


1. Copy the "gauge" measure to your model

2. Define parameters

3. Change color coding if required. You're allowed to use HEX codes or color names

4. Don't forget to add dimension column inside HASONEVALUE function

5. Set the measure data category as "Image URL"

6. Enjoy!


Known issues:


1. Power BI doesn't render svg-images in totals and subtotals, so you should use HASONEVALUE expression in order to prevent showing the measure output in total rows.

2. The gauge column tooltip displays an svg-object code definition by default. Please use visual tooltips in order to eliminate this issue.