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Re: Periodic Revenue (Reverse YTD)

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Periodic Revenue (Reverse YTD)

Imagine you have a table that only includes YTD Revenue such as this:



Year        Month    Revenue YTD

2017 11 $30
2017 12 $50
2018 1 $40
2018 2 $60
2018 3 $110


You wish to reverse engineer the montly revenue figures. You can use a measure such as this:



Periodic Revenue = 
VAR MyMonth = MAX(RevenueYTD[Month])
VAR MyYear = MAX(RevenueYTD[Year])
    SUM(RevenueYTD[Revenue YTD]) 
            SUM(RevenueYTD[Revenue YTD])
                ,RevenueYTD[Month]=MyMonth-1 && RevenueYTD[Year]=MyYear



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Corrado84 Frequent Visitor
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Re: Periodic Revenue (Reverse YTD)

Hi Greg,


Very  nice!! Smiley Very Happy


I have the question: if I want know the Total (sum) of Periodic Revenues?


If I enable display of the total in PowerBI, these are the results.

Total Revenues YTD = $290

Total Periodic Revenus = $290 (it' wrong)


I ask you for help.

Thank you

cafeaulait Frequent Visitor
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Re: Periodic Revenue (Reverse YTD)

Thank you can this be done also in power query?