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Krippendorff's Alpha

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Krippendorff's Alpha

Sometimes, you just need to push the limits. That was kind of my thinking around using a pure DAX solution to calculate Krippendorff's Alpha. In fact, it was the pursuit of this calculation that spurred the need for me to create TRANSPOSE and MMULT.


Krippendorff's Alpha is a measurement of inter-rater reliability. The advantage of this approach is that it supports categorical, ordinal, interval and ratio type data and also handles missing data. If you want to know more about it, you can see here and here. That last one you can use as a check against the DAX calculation. 


This Quick Measure is 705 lines of DAX code! That's quite a bit of DAX. What is interesting is that the DAX intellisense starts to get a tad sluggish at this size of a calculation. If nothing else, there's that!


Now, normally, I would post the full formula here in the Description, but the full formula exceeds the 20,000 characters allowed. So...




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