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This nifty little Quick Measure will tell you if a number is prime or not. 



mIsPrime = 
VAR __num = MAX([Number])
VAR __max = INT(SQRT(__num))
VAR __table = GENERATESERIES(2,__max,1)
VAR __table1 = ADDCOLUMNS(__table,"__mod",MOD(__num,[Value]))
    __num = 1, 0,



Basically, compute the nearest integer to the square root of the number. Generate a table of all values between 2 and that number. Compute the modulus of the number in question and each of the table values. If one of the rows has a modulus of 0, it's not a prime number.


Included in the file is a representation of the Ulam Spiral, a nifty little construct that occurs when you write positive integers down in a square spiral pattern like:





Apparently, Ulam discovered the spiral in 1963 while doodling during the presentation of "a long and very boring paper" at a scientific meeting. This narrows down the potential presentations by exactly 0.






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