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Gross Margin, Revenue and Cost (GMRC)

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Gross Margin, Revenue and Cost (GMRC)

Here are a few common calculations, Gross Margin %, Revenue and Cost. 


So, given Revenue and Cost, what is my gross margin %?



GM % = DIVIDE(( SUM([Revenue]) - SUM([Cost]) ),SUM([Revenue]),0)



Given Cost and desired Gross Margin %, what should my Revenue be?



Revenue Measure = 
IF(HASONEVALUE(Revenue[Person]),DIVIDE(SUM([Cost]),( 1 - SUM(Revenue[GM])),0),SUMX(SUMMARIZE(Revenue,[Person],"__Revenue",DIVIDE(SUM([Cost]),( 1 - SUM(Revenue[GM])),0)),[__Revenue]))



Given Revenue and desired Gross Margin, what should my Cost be?



Cost Measure = 
IF(HASONEVALUE(Revenue[Person]),SUM([Revenue])*(1 - SUM(Cost[GM])),SUMX(SUMMARIZE(Revenue,[Person],"__Cost",SUM([Revenue])*(1 - SUM(Cost[GM]))),[__Cost]))


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