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Filtered Value with Variable Last Date


Filtered Value with Variable Last Date



This Quick Measure allows to get a value filtered on Last Date.

It works like "Filtered Value", but it is more powerful because it updates automatically to get the last value that is not blank

(Last Date is a Variable).


Formula is  :

VarLastMonthFilteredValue = CALCULATE(SUM('FactsTable'[MyValue]) ; LASTDATE('FactsTable'[Month]))


*If my Last Value is a percentage, for instance a ratio, let's replace SUM by AVERAGE

CALCULATE(AVERAGE('FactsTable'[MyValue]) ; LASTDATE('FactsTable'[Month]))


In my File, we have the Example with VarLastMonthMonthlyActiveUsers, VarLastMonthTotalDownloads, VarLastMonthCrashRatio. (it's a dashboard for mobile Apps)


VarLastMonthMonthlyActiveUsers= CALCULATE(SUM('Core apps perf FRANCE'[Monthly Active Users]) ; LASTDATE('Core apps perf FRANCE'[Month]))