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Day Number of Year and Working Day Number of Year

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Day Number of Year and Working Day Number of Year

Both the measure and column formulas for "Day Number of Year" and "Working Day Number of Year" are presented here for your enjoyment.


The measure DayNoOfYear:


DayNoOfYear = DATEDIFF ( DATE ( YEAR ( MAX('Calendar'[Date])), 1, 1 ), MAX('Calendar'[Date]), DAY ) + 1


The measure WorkingDayNoOfYear:


WorkingDayNoOfYear = 
VAR myDate = MAX([Date])
VAR myYear = YEAR(myDate)
VAR tmpCalendar = ALL('Calendar')
VAR tmpCalendar1 = ADDCOLUMNS(tmpCalendar,"tmpWeekDay",WEEKDAY([Date],2))
VAR tmpCalendar2 = FILTER(tmpCalendar1,[tmpWeekDay]<6 && YEAR([Date]) = myYear)
VAR tmpCalendar3 = ADDCOLUMNS(tmpCalendar2,"WorkingDayNoOfYear",COUNTROWS(FILTER(tmpCalendar2,[Date]<myDate))+1)
RETURN MAXX(FILTER(tmpCalendar3,[Date]=myDate),[WorkingDayNoOfYear])




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